Craigston Estate Covenants



  1.  The Company shall carry out the development of Craigston Estates by providing to the Property paved roads and electricity lines in accordance with plans submitted to the Land Development Control Authority and any modifications thereto from time to time.
  2.  The Company reserves to itself and its assigns all archaeological finds of whatever nature in under or on the Property.
  3.  The Company shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or expense whatsoever incurred by the Purchaser arising from any defect or errors of construction or any imperfections of the land at Craigston Estates.


Restrictions and Stipulations

  1. The Property shall be used exclusively for the purpose of the erection of one private dwelling house such dwelling house to be constructed in strict accordance with plans first submitted to and approved in writing by the Company.
  2. The Purchaser shall not construct the said dwelling house except within the building line specified for the Property by the Company and not within ten from any boundary.
  3. The Purchaser shall not make any alterations to the said dwelling house or any additional construction on the Property unless and until the prior written approval of the Company is first had and obtained.
  4. The Purchaser shall obtain all consents and permissions required by law for the construction of the said dwelling house and all alterations and additions thereto and shall at the request of the Company produce such consents and permissions to the Company.
  5. The Purchaser shall not at any time build or install in his private house any commercial or industrial establishment or carry on in his private home any business or commerce and shall not erect any signage of a business or commercial nature on his dwelling house and on the Property.
  6. The Purchaser shall at all times keep the said dwelling house with all additions and alteration in good and substantial repair and condition.
  7. The Purchaser shall at his own cost and expense construct a septic tank to the specifications and at  the location on the Property specified by the Company.
  8.  The Purchaser shall contract with the suppliers thereof for the installation and supply of electricity and telephone services at his own cost and expense.
  9.  The Purchaser shall maintain the Property at all times (including during any periods of construction thereon) in a clean and tidy appearance..
  10. The Purchaser shall grant free of charge such leave and licence over the Property as may be necessary for the installation and provision of electricity and telephone services to other parts of Craigston Estates and for the servicing thereof from time to time so as not to prejudice any construction carried out by him on the Property.
  11. The Purchaser shall not keep any livestock, animals, machinery or any apparatus or other thing which may cause offensive odour, noise, smoke, dust or otherwise cause a disturbance or nuisance to the adjoining or neighbouring owners or give an unsightly appearance to the area in which the Property is situate.
  12.  All water tanks to be constructed on the Property shall first require the written approval of the Company
  13. The Purchaser shall during the course of any construction be liable for any damage to any of the services, roads, verges or plants at Craigston Estates whether caused by himself his servants agents or otherwise in the course of such construction.
  14. There shall not at any time be erected or placed or suffered to be or remain on the Property any temporary building or structure except sheds to be used for the purpose of and in connection with the building of permanent buildings in course of construction upon the Property.
  15. The Property shall not be sub-divided by way of sale or otherwise.
  16. The Purchaser shall not discharge any soil, or dirty, waste or storm water directly on the Property, the sea or adjoining land.
  17.  The Purchaser shall not keep any waste or rubbish on the Property save in sealed containers kept for that purpose.
  18. The purchaser shall not cut down, damage or in any way destroy or cause to be cut down damaged or destroyed any large or significant trees growing on the Property.
  19.  The Company shall establish a non-profit company to be called or known as the Craigston Estates Lot Owners’ Association or some such similar name (hereinafter called “the Association”) for the purpose of enabling all lot owners to become members of the company and to share proportionately all mutual responsibilities in connection with the common facilities in Craigston Estates.  The Purchaser agrees that he shall automatically become a member thereof on the date set out in the Fourth Schedule.
  20. The  Company shall in its absolute discretion transfer convey or assign such property rights and obligations as the Company shall deem fit to the Association as shall be necessary for the Association to carry out its functions in relation to Craigston Estates.