Snow Hill Covenants

THE SCHEDULE above referred to

  1. The Company shall carry out the layout work of the said Development providing to each lot throughout the Development area including the lots conveyed motorable  roads  and  electricity according to the plan approved by the Land Development Control Authority and other relevant authorities in St. George’s in Grenada and also in accordance with any modification to same if necessary
  1. The said lot of land being part of the said Development Scheme the Purchaser shall use the same for, the erection of one private dwelling house only as approved in writing by the Company within three (3) years and according to the General Conditions hereinafter set out and may not be used for the erection of apartment building hotel or commercial building of any nature unless previous consent in writing is obtained from the Company.
  1. No building erected on the said land shall be used for the purpose of any trade manufacture or business of any description or as a school hospital apartment house resort duplex or rooming house or for any sport other than such games as are customarily played in connection with the occupation of a private dwelling nor shall the lands or any building thereon in any manner or way be used which  may  be  and  constitute  a  nuisance  to the occupier of any neighbouring lands. Nothing in this clause shall prohibit the rental of the property to any person who abides by the conditions set out herein
  1. No excavation shall be made on the lands except excavations necessary for the erection of the said dwelling-house or for landscaping and the excavated material shall be removed from the land but may not be put on any adjoining lands belonging to the Company
  1. No building waste or other material of any kind shall be dumped accumulated or stored on the Purchaser’s land except clean earth or fill for leveling purposes or building material during construction and the Purchaser shall at all times keep the lands in a clean and tidy condition
  1. No living trees shall be cut down removed or destroyed without the consent in writing of the Company or of the Lot Owners’ Association except as may be necessary for building purposes on the lands. To ensure an adequate view by the owners of neighboring lands lot owners may be required by the Company or Lot Owners’ Association to trim or cut down any trees obstructing the view from their neighbor’s house (s)
  1. The Purchaser shall grant the right to place telephone and electricity lines and underground lines for common use upon the lands with the necessary poles and attachments together with the Right of Way from time to time for the employees of the commissions or corporations maintaining such lines to enter the lands for the purpose of installing maintaining and replacing the same
  1. Domestic animals shall be confined to their owner’s property at all times unless under the supervision of their owners
  1. The Purchaser agree that he knows the exact location of his lot in the Development Area and that he will submit plans of his proposed dwelling to the Company or Lot Owners’ Association for its approval and the construction of the same must conform strictly with the plan approved in writing by the Company
  2. The Purchaser shall not make any housing construction on the lot of land hereby conveyed within twenty feet from all boundaries unless approval in writing is obtained from the Company or from the Lot Owners ‘ Association.
  3. The Purchaser shall construct at his own expense on the land hereby conveyed septic tanks to the specifications and at the location within the said lots as specified by the Company
  4. The Purchaser shall not discharge or permit to be discharged from the lot of land hereby conveyed any soil dirt storm or waste water directly on to the earth or into the sea or adjoining lands
  5. The Purchaser shall keep all waste or rubbish in sealed containers
  6. The Purchaser shall arrange personally with the electricity and telephone Companies (by whom the necessary installation of electricity and telephone will be carried out) for his private installation the cost of which and the rate and requirements established by the said Companies for the supply, of electricity and telephone shall be met by them. The connection lines for these services from the electricity and telephone mains to the dwelling house shall be laid underground
  7. All requirements regarding building location, and, distances will be subject to the above plan approved by the competent authorities for which the full responsibility will be carried out by the Purchaser
  8. Unless previous written agreement is given by the Company the Purchaser is obliged to respect the Development Plan for building on the said lot with regard to his/their neighbours
  9. The Purchaser shall maintain and upkeep the trees planted on the sidewalks of the streets in front of the lot of land conveyed and contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the grass verge and ornamental trees and flowers in the communal parks
  10. The Purchaser shall not place or permit to be placed any advertising sign flag placard or hoarding of any kind or any advertisement whatsoever on the said lot of land
  11. The Purchaser shall at all times keep the said lot of land (whether a dwelling-house is constructed or not and during construction) clean neat and tidy in appearance and the Company reserves the right in case of negligence by the Purchaser in this respect to keep the said lot of land clean neat and tidy in appearance and the Purchaser shall on demand repay to the Company the full cost of so doing
  12. The Purchaser shall not at any time build or install in his private house or houses on the said lot of land any commercial or industrial establishment or carry on therein any business of a commercial nature
  13. The Purchaser shall permit the passage of electric wires drains water and telephone lines throughout the lot of land hereby conveyed laid so however as not to prejudice any construction made by them without being indemnified for the same and shall permit the checking of same for repairs and overhaul
  14. Possession of the said lot of land shall be delivered to the Purchaser in its present state and condition without any obligation on the part of the Company at any time to carry out any works thereon such as leveling embankments construction or retaining walls or any preparation work
  15. The Purchaser shall not keep on the said lot of land any livestock, noisy animals or machinery or any apparatus which may cause smoke dust or bad odour and which may be a nuisance to his neighbours or give an ugly appearance to the zone within which the said lot of land is situate
  16. Subject to  the  approval of  the  Government of  Grenada  the Purchaser shall be at liberty to construct a boat pier for his private use provided the said lot of land fronts with the sea. Such construction or constructions to be subject to acceptance and approval by the Company or Lot Owners’ Association
  17. No additions changes or alterations shall be made to any building until the plans and specifications have been submitted to and approved in writing by the Company or Lot Owners’ Association
  18. The Purchaser shall keep his said dwelling-house or houses and all alterations thereto at all times in good repair
  19. All laundry lines or areas used for refuse disposal gas tanks water-heaters and the like shall be screened from the view of neighbours the road and from public view. Should the Purchaser construct an emergency water-tank on the said lot of land the said emergency water-tank and the pump-house (2) uses therewith shall be concealed
  20. The Purchaser shall not sub-divide either of the said lot of land by way of sale or otherwise
  21. The Purchaser shall during the course of any construction on the said lot of land be liable for damage to any of the services verges or plants caused either by himself his servants or agents or independent contractors their servants and agents engaged in the aforesaid construction
  22. The Company will not be responsible for damage caused to any construction or erection on the Development area due to any errors of construction or imperfections
  23. It is proposed in the near future to establish as a part of the Development Scheme a body to be called a Lot Owners’ Association for the purpose of enabling members  to  share proportionately all mutual responsibilities in connection with the common facilities in the aforesaid area. The Purchaser undertake to become a member thereof within three months from the date of being invited so to do within three years from the date of the signing of this Agreement when the Company shall relinquish control of the Development Area to the Officers of Lot Owners’ Association retaining only control over any unsold-lots
  24. Notwithstanding anything contained herein the Company and the persons claiming under it shall have and hereby reserve the right to amend vary modify or cancel and remove any restrictions herein contained and substitute other reasonable restrictions in relation to the lands or to any parts thereof after due consultation with lot owners or officers of any Association of Lot Owners but such variation or modification shall not affect the general character of the area
  25. The General Conditions as contained in this document will prevail in the purchase contract agreement except where  by modification or cancellation of same is agreed to and carried out by the Company
  26. The Company undertakes to retain the Beach Reserve that lies between the Western boundary of Lot #31 and the sea as shown on the    development plan of the area as a recreational part for the use of lot owners. The construction of a permanent building or buildings on this reserve will not be permitted
  27. Subject to the limitations in clause 30 hereof if at any time during the lives of the present issue of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and the last survivor of them and the period of Twenty-one years from the death of such last issue the Purchaser his heirs executors administrators and assigns shall desire to sell either of the lots of land hereby conveyed he must first submit any bona fide offer thereof received in writing to the Company naming the proposed transferee and the terms and conditions of payment of the purchase price the Company will within Fourteen days of the receipt of the said offer in writing give written notification as to whether it consents to the sale to the proposed transferee or transferees or intends to exercise the option of repurchasing hereinafter next mentioned if the Company does not approve of the                         proposed transferee or transferees it shall have the option of repurchasing the said lot or lots of land at the said price on the same terms and conditions of payment contained in the aforesaid offer
  28. The Company will not be responsible for damage caused to any construction or erection on the Development Area due to any errors of construction or imperfections of land
  29. The Purchaser undertake to preserve the flora fauna and marine life in the Development Area