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Let us share some history..

We first set foot on Carriacou in January 1989 when we took a day trip from Grenada. Our photographic record of this trip reveals a very sleepy island with more donkeys than cars and notices such as “Water Distribution—Large Family 8 pans, small family 4 pans of water. “THE LAW IS STRIT” chalked on boards in the villages.

Our next visit was two years later during a sailing holiday. We anchored off Sandy Island for 2 days and the magic of Carriacou began to weave its charm on us.

By the following year we were looking for land to buy with the intention of building a holiday home. We sailed from St. Lucia to Grenada looking at possibilities but Carriacou was not about to let us go and we signed an agreement to purchase a piece of land on Snow Hill, part of the Craigston Estate.

By now we were hooked on Carriacou and spent as much time here as our UK business interests would allow. Down Island Ltd, our parent company had been born and we often looked after the business while our friends took a well-deserved holiday. It seemed a natural progression to sell up in the UK and move to Carriacou on a permanent basis. This took 3 long years to achieve but by September 1997 we were finally ready to make that move and with all our worldly possessions packed into a 10ft. container on the high seas we arrived on Carriacou.

In July 1998, Malcolm and Ros Cameron, founding directors, decided to retire and we took over the business they had begun 5 years earlier. We started looking for a base where we could combine home and business operations and in March 1999 we bought the piece of land where Carriacou Real Estate and Down Island Ltd are now located. Building work started in November 1999 and we moved in on June 17th 2000 to begin the long, probably never ending,  business of finishing our dream home.

Since taking over the business in 1998 we have, with the help of our staff, built on the very firm foundations established by Malcolm & Ros. Down Island Ltd continued to go from strength to strength and in 2005 we started Carriacou Real Estate Ltd to handle the house & land sales, project management and insurance. This left Down Island to concentrate on the villa rentals and property management.

We hope that you will find our website helpful as nothing gives us more pleasure than helping others to achieve their dream.

Gordon & Carolyn Alexander

Carriacou Real Estate, Ltd.
Home and Land Sales
Carriacou, Grenada, West Indies
Phone: 1 (473) 443-8187
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