14,520 sq. ft beachfront lot in St. Louis, Carriacou SOLD SUBJECT TO CONTRACT

Beach front land with views across Hillsborough Bay to Union Island

Aerial View of 14,520 sq. ft beach fronting land in St. Louis
Aerial View of 14,520 sq. ft beach fronting land in St. Louis

The land was once part of the St. Louis Estate, and is located just outside the village of L’Esterre some 2.5 miles to the south of the main town of Hillsborough and about 1 mile north of Harvey Vale (See location 13 on Map of Carriacou.) Access is via a dirt track, leading off the Government maintained road at L’Esterre.

Freehold price US$217,800

Legal Requirements

Non-Nationals must apply for an Aliens’ Land Holding Licence to purchase land and property in Grenada. This is a one-off government tax on foreigners buying land and property and is normally granted without complication. At present this tax is levied at 10% of the agreed purchase price, or the value of the property as determined by the Inland Revenue Department.  If required, Carriacou Real Estate Ltd can advise on all aspects of purchasing and the appointment of a local lawyer. Our sister company Down Island Ltd offers a full property management and rental service.