Residential lot of 22,308 sq. ft. Cherry Hill US$49,275

 This lot has the benefit of being completely fenced and several fruit trees have been planted and are now mature and bearing fruit. There has also been a shade erected.

The land is accessed from a twin track road leading off  the main government road from Hillsborough to Bogles.

View Survey 22,308 sq. ft Cherry Hill

 Freehold price US$49,275 (Forty nine thousand, two hundred and seventy five dollars US)

Legal Requirements

Non-Nationals must apply for an Aliens’ Land Holding Licence to purchase land and property in Grenada. This is a one-off government tax on foreigners buying land and property and is normally granted without complication. At present this tax is levied at 10% of the agreed purchase price. If required, Carriacou Real Estate Ltd can advise on all aspects of purchasing and the appointment of a local lawyer. Our sister company Down Island Ltd offers a full property management and rental service.